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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Small-Scale Social Experiment or...Poking the Monkeys

For the past few days I have been having a little fun on my Facebook page.  It was a little bit revolution against the metric shit-tons (hyperbole) of warm and fuzzy religious platitudes that are plastered all over my news feeds constantly, a little bit curiosity as to what would happen, and a little bit of genuine desire to debate and get some feedback.  Some may call it trolling, I prefer to think of it as social experimentation with an out-of-control control group.

It started Sunday night with this image accompanied by the comment, "Oh, look, a new Inquisition/Reign of Terror proposal"

It has continued on through the SCOTUS decision in the Hobby Lobby case.  Now, I wasn't just having fun, there was a genuine desire to have a little bit of my own say (after all, it is my Facebook page) and to stir the pot some and get some input from different sources.  I have fun debating certain current events, especially when it comes to matters of freedom and religious dogma and other absurd abstract ideas. 

The main thing that got me cranked up was the fact that every single day my newsfeed is filled with the above-mentioned warm and fuzzy religious platitudes and cutesy religious postcard type things that I have to scroll past to get to something that really interests me...or means anything at all to me.  Think about all the people you know who become outraged at game requests.  I see infinitely more of these religious posts than I ever have game requests.  Anyone who has been paying attention, knows that I am an atheist and sometimes these things get under my skin.  Particularly when I wake up on Sunday afternoon feeling like shit from breathing bar air for three nights in a row and a lack of rest and want some cerebral stretching exercises but instead I am faced with things like this:

didn't do much for the other guy
So, these things are strewn willy-nilly throughout my newsfeed and no one ever bats an eye.  So, for a little entertainment and equal time (to be the counter-weight, so to speak) and because I tend to get cranky, I post something that is contrary to these messages and sure enough, I find myself beset from every side by people who want to argue down my views.  I guess, if you don't subscribe to the popular ideologies and fall into step you should expect that.

There are religious people out there, I know that, I'm cool with that.  I am an atheist, why can't I put things on my page that reflect the way I feel without having to answer and justify?  I don't go on my friend's and family's pages and debate them or challenge them when I see their religious posts.  You know why?  Because I respect their right to feel that way.  Why is it that anytime I post something about atheism or poking fun at people like Pat Robertson or the Duck Dynasty patriarch, or something else that I view as goofy-as-hell dumbassery, I have to defend myself?  I made a joke about Pat Robertson once and posted a video of him saying that the devastating tornadoes that ripped Oklahoma a new asshole could have been prevented by prayer.  I was promptly attacked by one of my in-laws like I had been caught emptying their bank account.  What causes this knee-jerk defense?  Is it a lack of tolerance?  A lack of confidence?  What is it?  And by-the-way, that Kevin James looking guy that "Shreds Evolution in 3 Minutes"?  Yeah, he's a dumbass and the stuff he spouts in that three minute video doesn't amount to a squirt of hamster tinkle.

And now, just to finish pissing people off...
"Hey, can I get another nail down there?  My sandal keeps falling off!"

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