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Monday, May 20, 2013

High Road Out - Vicksburg Debut

High Road Out

High Road Out played their highly anticipated debut performance Friday night, June 9, at The Beechwood Lounge in Vicksburg. It was a very impressive start to what should be a long and successful run. High Road Out was launched in May 2012 and it's no secret to the, already existing fan-base, that the band is made up of most of the members of Crossin Dixon. Brandon Hyde (vocals and guitar), Charlie Grantham (vocals and guitar), Garret Parris (vocals, keys and acoustic guitar), Brian Shilling (drums and percussion) and Lane Curtis (bass) are all there. They showcased seventeen new original songs Friday night and it is obvious that the songwriting is just as solid as ever. The lyrics are great and the hooks are engaging. They have picked up a few new cover songs that expanded their range a little deeper into classic rock, adding more diversity and rounding out their show. The vocal harmonies that opened the show were dead-on and continued to impress throughout the night. Vocals, songwriting and musicianship are the strength of this band. They are a tight group who know how to entertain and put on a show.

They have two upcoming shows this week. They will be playing Thursday - Ladies night at Club 43 in Canton, MS and Saturday night at the Tiki Bar in Grenada. If High Road Out is playing anywhere near you, don't miss the opportunity to see them, you won't be disappointed.

HRO performing Simple As Dirt at The Beedhwood in Vicksburg, MS
Update:  After clearing up some legal issues High Road Out reverted back to Crossin Dixon.

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