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Monday, May 20, 2013

High Road Out - Vicksburg Debut

High Road Out

High Road Out played their highly anticipated debut performance Friday night, June 9, at The Beechwood Lounge in Vicksburg. It was a very impressive start to what should be a long and successful run. High Road Out was launched in May 2012 and it's no secret to the, already existing fan-base, that the band is made up of most of the members of Crossin Dixon. Brandon Hyde (vocals and guitar), Charlie Grantham (vocals and guitar), Garret Parris (vocals, keys and acoustic guitar), Brian Shilling (drums and percussion) and Lane Curtis (bass) are all there. They showcased seventeen new original songs Friday night and it is obvious that the songwriting is just as solid as ever. The lyrics are great and the hooks are engaging. They have picked up a few new cover songs that expanded their range a little deeper into classic rock, adding more diversity and rounding out their show. The vocal harmonies that opened the show were dead-on and continued to impress throughout the night. Vocals, songwriting and musicianship are the strength of this band. They are a tight group who know how to entertain and put on a show.

They have two upcoming shows this week. They will be playing Thursday - Ladies night at Club 43 in Canton, MS and Saturday night at the Tiki Bar in Grenada. If High Road Out is playing anywhere near you, don't miss the opportunity to see them, you won't be disappointed.

HRO performing Simple As Dirt at The Beedhwood in Vicksburg, MS
Update:  After clearing up some legal issues High Road Out reverted back to Crossin Dixon.

US - the roadshow goes on forever

U.S., for those who don’t already know, is a rock band whose main mission seems to be keeping rock music alive and well in the southeast. A good bit of their set is rock from the 80’s but don’t let that fool you, just when you think you’ve got them pegged they’ll kick off with a country standard like “Calling Baton Rouge” or "Save A Horse" and then turn it all around with their “Summer Love/Greased Lightning” medley from Grease. They entertain and interact with the crowds constantly and keep them involved. These fellows know how to show a crowd a good time.
U.S. turning it up at the Beechwood Feb. 4, 2012
They brought their road show to the Beechwood Saturday night and cranked it out with characteristic excitement; they deliver every show like its the first one they've ever done or the last one they'll ever do. U.S. has been burning up the highways for a long time and when you talk to Kelly (Nagy), the vocalist, you get the feeling that he hasn't lost an ounce of enthusiasm since they started. You can tell they enjoy what they do. Kelly, Jeff Manns (guitar), Richie Wright (drums) and Joey Vendetta (bass) always spend a lot of time visiting with people and taking pictures between sets. They are very friendly and appreciative of all their fans and their fans seem to feel the same way. Some people travel long distances to see this band. Their elaborate stage setup is something that has to be experienced, there are giant video monitors, fog and more lights than the mothership in Close Encounters, and that's just the backdrop for what happens onstage. J├Ąger shots, anyone?
February 11, 2012

Visit the U.S. website here.

An interview with Hillbilly Delux's Chris Stamphill

Hillbilly Delux portrait
Some country tastes like bubblegum...ours tastes like GASOLINE!”
~ Hillbilly Delux~

Hillbilly Delux is a hard rocking country band from Muscle Shoals, AL. They are playing at The Icehouse in McComb, MS Friday night and at Whiskey River Saloon in Jackson Saturday night. The following is from an interview with bassist Chris Stanphill on February 9, 2012.

How long has Hillbilly Delux been together?

The three of us have been together since 2006. The original 4 piece was myself and 3 others that wanted to start a heavy, hard-rocking country band. Kind of a cross between a Garth Brooks live show with a Waylon Jennings attitude and a Metallica/Skynyrd sound. I'm the only one left from that core group. Terry (Harvey) came in when we went to 2 guitars and Craig took over the front-man duties not long after that. I've been doing this since the late 80's, and this is the first ensemble I've been with that has that kind of stability. That's a rare thing in this business.

You're listed as living in Golden, MS. Is everyone else from the Muscle Shoals area?

Terry is from Leesville, LA and currently resides in Hinsville, LA., it makes rehearsals interesting. I actually live an hour from the Shoals, and have spent most of my life in the area. The rest are from the surrounding area.

You’ve done some benefit shows for Wounded Warrior Project in Leesville, LA, how did you get involved with WWP?

The guy that put on the concert for WWP in Leesville was a former band-mate of Terry's. He called, we went. We support our troops every chance we get, and always give them a shout out at every show. We also try to shake the hand of every vet that comes to a show. We're pretty passionate about those guys and gals. We haven't done the WWP since 2008, but we do events closer to home. We try to do at least 4 benefits per year for various vet organizations, Cancer Awareness, The American Heart Association, and local folks that are in need of help regarding medical costs.

Do you prefer clubs or larger crowds like festivals and the WWP benefits?

We've played for 5 people, 500 people, and up to 20,000 people at various clubs and festivals. They all get the same show. Clubs give us the chance to hang out with the fans personally. Sometimes we've gotten to meet their kids. The festivals and larger events are not as personal, but just as fun. We also play Broadway in Nashville at least twice per year at the Cadillac Ranch. The most fun was playing the Riverwalk Stage in Nashville during the inaugural Music City BBQ Festival in 2009, 20,000 people and a 50’x 100' barge stage. We rode the kiddie train down to the stage, and left on it when we were done. We're just a bunch of guys that get along well, love to put on a show, and have a ball doing it. We've gotten to meet thousands of people, and make many new friendships that still last to this day. We've been lucky that we get to do what we love for a living. It doesn't get much better than that.
Hillbilly Delux pinstripe image
Dirty Country

Visit Hillbilly Delux’s website here
Hillbilly Delux's Facebook page here,
Hillbilly Delux's reverbnation page here.

Their 10 song CD, “Dirty Country” is available
at and and they have a 5 song EP that
is currently being shopped around Nashville.

Chris Stanphill is also the band’s booking agent.
Chris can be contacted at (662)279-3830

Road Gear - Survival Kit

Crossin Dixon delivers the goods at The Beechwood

Crossin Dixon at the Beechwood Feb. 4, 2012
Crossin Dixon managed to bring an over-capacity crowd to Vicksburg's Beechwood Lounge Saturday night in spite of a frog-strangling downpour earlier in the day. The rain finally let up by mid-afternoon and the fans turned out en masse. By Wednesday afternoon every available table at the Beechwood had been reserved, by 12:00 Saturday night the room was at capacity with people lined up waiting to get in. Crossin Dixon played a high-energy show ranging from classic country to rock that kept the crowd partying until nearly 3 am.

Crossin Dixon came together after the three founding members, Jason Miller, Charlie Grantham and Brandon Hyde, repeatedly crossed paths while playing in two different bands. After the two bands experienced some personnel changes, the three musicians decided to put something together on their own, that partnership turned out to be advantageous because it resulted in a self-titled debut release that spawned two charting hits. They are scheduled to be back at the Beechwood April 21st, so mark your calenders and call ahead for a reservation.

February 4, 2012

Visit Crossin Dixon's website here.

Archival material coming

I am going to be adding some of my older blogs to this site, mainly for archival purposes. They will be dealing mostly with bar-life and bands. I hope everyone enjoys them even though they are older and the ones dealing with band dates and bios may be out of date. Thanks.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How the hell was your day?

It was one of those days. I really should have just stayed in bed. I went to vote only to find that my voting location had been changed behind my back. The voting turned out to be an exercise in futility. I left the poll and went to work and was set upon and abused by an irate barber who apparently owns the parking space that I was occupying (or at least rents it and was quite upset by my intended use of it). I was then told by my boss that I need to be nicer to our customers at the liquor store after being scolded by a woman whose husband had made it all the way home with three bottles of wine before dropping one and breaking it. Yes, it was vaguely suggested that it was my fault and it was, “not cool, not cool”. She, at one point, even suggested (in a roundabout way) that I pay for the wine. Her wine selection represented two hours of my wages so that wasn't happening.

On a positive note, it seems that I have made great advances in my quest for more control over my emotions. I made it through all this without beating anyone to death or cutting or stabbing or shooting anyone in the face. Yay for me. I will probably die soon of a brain aneurism or stomach cancer.